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Feb 18th - Perspectives on (Aerodynamic) Drag by Dr. John Maris FRAeS, FCASI

  • 1.  Feb 18th - Perspectives on (Aerodynamic) Drag by Dr. John Maris FRAeS, FCASI

    Posted 19 Jan, 2021 19:36
    Edited by Hiroaki Endo 20 Jan, 2021 20:32

    Aerodynamic drag is the nemesis of the aircraft designer, but its causes and effects are often misunderstood. In this lecture, Dr. John Maris, FRAeS, FCASI, will present an amusing retrospective on drag, its causes, and mitigation. Key points will be accentuated with historical imagery and video clips. Along the way, Dr. Maris will answer some commonly asked questions (what would happen if golf balls weren't dimpled? Why does the 747 have a hump?). He will also try to dispel some longstanding myths (no, it's not air friction that causes re-entering space vehicles and meteorites to glow red-hot). Along the way, Dr. Maris will highlight a simple error that held back aircraft design for more than twenty years. Please join us for an interesting journey beginning in 1738 when Daniel Bernoulli published his Hydrodynamica, and ending with Virgin Galactic's SpaceShipOne deploying its "feathers" during re-entry.

    Dr. Maris is the Chairman of the Montreal Branch of the Royal Aeronautical Society. He is an Aviation Week and Space Technology Laureate and a Canadian Aviation Hall of Fame inductee. Dr. Maris is an Associate Fellow of the Society of Experimental Test Pilots and has a Ph.D. in Aviation Safety and Human Factors. He is a practicing aeronautical engineer, lecturer, and experimental test pilot.


    There is no charge for the Lecture, but attendees are requested to pre-register by February 16, 2021 online at:

    Hiro Endo
    AIAA-New England