Committee Representative & Volunteer Positions:

Educations & Outreach Officer - Outreach for University / College / Institutes.
Lead: Umanga Balasuriya

The primary duty of this position is to establish relationships with the student branches within the section’s geographical area. 

  • Invite the student branch chairs to participate in RAC meetings/teleconferences.
  • Oversee the distribution of Section newsletters and meeting announcements to individual student members.
  • Hold joint meetings with Student Branches on campus. Invite students to Section meetings at reduced rates, if possible.
  • Inform students of the various undergraduate and graduate scholarships that are available for college sophomores, juniors, and seniors. Also, you may want to explore the idea of offering a scholarship at the Section level.
  • Have local Section members speak at Student Branches and promote the benefits of becoming an AIAA professional member.
  • Integrate Student Branch graduates into the Section. Students remaining in the local Section area after graduation should be identified and encouraged to become active in Section affairs by volunteering to serve on a committee.
  • Review requests from Student Branches for financial support to subsidize travel to the AIAA Student Paper Conference and team competitions.

STEM Officer
Lead: Endri Lesha

  • The STEM Officer is the main point of contact for the AIAA STEM K-12 Committee.
  • Responsible for coordination of STEM activities within the Section including activities to support students and educators.
  • Examples of STEM activities are: STEM / Science fair, Industrial & Aviation tours, Build projects/competitions, etc


Diversity & Inclusion Officer
Lead: Charlie Wilson

AIAA Diversity Working Group promotes the participation and collaboration across all genders, ethnicities & races, and to enhance our representation of the entire industry. To shape the future of aerospace we must capture the contributions from the entire workforce for innovation, productivity, and intellectual progress.

 Role of the Diversity Rep:

  • Represent AIAA-NE and liaise with the AIAA Diversity Subgroups to plan and incorporate the activities to promote diversities.
  • Plan the event/activity for yearly Local Section Grant (~$500).
  • Take an active role in attracting and retaining a diverse membership. Be a role model for diversity leadership. Establish a positive mentoring and nurturing environment.
  • Improve the diversity statistics - Grow the number of women and people from different races and ethnicities. Make AIAA membership more representative of current industry demographics.

 The work of the committee is accomplished by sub-groups within the greater AIAA organization: Outreach Subgroup, Programming Subgroup, Leadership, Growth, and Retention Subgroup and the Communications Subgroup. More information is available at .

Public Policy Officer
– Lobby the Government to promote the Aerospace & AIAA agenda.
Lead: David Guo / Endri Lesha

  • Organize local members for the region and national public policy activities such as Congressional Visits Day.
  • Initiate and organize local public policy activities such as round tables with locally elected officials, facility visits, and policy speakers for Section events.
  • Liaise with AIAA-Headquarters and the region’s Deputy Director of Public Policy regarding policy activities and alerts.
  • Provide local inputs and identify local ties to the AIAA Key Issues for discussions with locally elected officials. Leverage the section members with expertise in the AIAA Key Issues who can explain the local impact of those issues in layman’s terms.
  • Maintain records and submit Section public policy activities report for consideration for AIAA Section Public Policy awards.


Honors and Awards Officer
Lead: Charlie Wilson

The Honors and Awards Officer is responsible for promoting and recognizing excellence within the Section.

  • Establish Local or Section Awards - These awards may consist of an Engineer of the Year Award, a Distinguished Service Award, a Technical Award, etc…
  • Plan for Anniversary Program: Recognize 25–40–50-60 and 70–Year Members. Ensure that these dedicated members are recognized properly in your section, such as an annual award ceremony, special Section meeting, etc.
  • Nominate a Person(s) for an AIAA Award: Your section members need to think of possible candidates for AIAA national awards and complete the nomination process.
  • Promote advancements in membership grade -- List membership upgrade criteria in your Section newsletter, along with nomination and reference deadlines. Contact eligible members, and encourage them to upgrade their membership status.


Membership Officer
Lead: Open

As the Membership Chairperson, you are in an integral part of Section planning and provide valuable insight into providing membership value. 

  • A significant part of the role is reaching out to new members, delinquent members, as well as active members to solicit feedback to improve the program.
  • Responsible for tracking and reporting monthly membership trends.
  • Integrating membership development and retention programs into all scheduled Section activities.
  • Determine section demographics so that up–to–date membership needs can be determined and addressed.