Vision and Goals

AIAA New England: Our goals for service to members are:

  • Promote STEM education, diversity & Aerospace Professionalism.
  • Provide professional members opportunities to present to the fellow members.
  • Facilitate and provide members the opportunities to volunteer and participate in events.
  • Support student branch activities.
  • Provide support for graduating seniors entering the job market by offering them opportunities to gain experience presenting to professional members.


2023-2024 Focus Areas:

  • Organize events, both in-person and virtual, to bring communities together to promote Aerospace, STEM & DEI - Develop workforce:
  • Energize & empower college branches & student volunteers.
  • Promote and expand STEM and DEI work.
  • Key Technical Areas - Spread the awareness and to the members & the public on the topics of:
    • Sustainable aviation
    • Space systems & technologies
    • Hypersonics
    • AI/ML/Autonomy
    • New manufacturing technologies & materials

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