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Looking for a vacuum chamber Test.

  • 1.  Looking for a vacuum chamber Test.

    Posted 11 Jan, 2021 21:52

    Looking for a vacuum test chamber.

    BlazeTech Corporation ( is looking for a vacuum chamber about 1 ftin volume and pulling down the air to 0.1 psia. This is a fairly standard piece of equipment that may be available in various labs. I purchased such a system from government surplus equipment while at MIT, which accelerated my thesis completion by 1 year. BlazeTech can purchase it or use it on a collaborative basis. The planned tests are environmentally clean, consisting of flowing inert space dust simulants through our filtration system inside the vacuum chamber to measure the filter capture efficiency. Tests can be tailored to the available chamber and its availability.

    Please contact Dr. Albert Moussa if you have such a system.

    Hiro Endo
    AIAA-New England