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Hydrogen for Aviation - By Dr. Bruce Holmes

  • 1.  Hydrogen for Aviation - By Dr. Bruce Holmes

    Posted 19 Dec, 2020 14:18

    Recording from the webinar is now available:

    Bruce is a five-decade veteran of aviation operations, research and development, aircraft development, and disruptive innovation in his field. His background includes industry and government roles in research, operations, and executive leadership, working at NASA, in the commercial on-demand air carrier world, with aviation software startups, on the U.S. NextGen founding team, and most recently on an electric vertical takeoff and landing (eVTOL) air vehicle.

    In addition to his role as CTO for Alaka'i Technologies launching the first hydrogen fuel-cell-powered electric air mobility vehicle, he is a senior advisor to SmartSky Networks, supporting the launch of a unique 4G LTE aviation connectivity solution and apps development platform, contributing to the Internet of Things that Fly. He serves on special groups for the National Academy of Science, Engineering, and Medicine, the FAA Administrator's Research, Engineering, and Development Advisory Committee – NAS Operations Subcommittee (REDAC), as well as on corporate Boards. He has published over one hundred technical papers, received seven patents in aeronautics, been honored with numerous NASA medals and professional society awards, including the FAA Wright Brothers Master Pilot Award, recognizing 50 years of safe flying. He is a Fellow of the AIAA and the Royal Aeronautical Establishment. He is an active pilot and thrilled owner of an ICON A5 amphibian aircraft.

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