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AIAA-NE Anniversaries and Promotions of Distinguished Members.

  • 1.  AIAA-NE Anniversaries and Promotions of Distinguished Members.

    Posted 28 Mar, 2022 09:01

    AIAA New England celebrates anniversaries of:

    • 8 members for 25th year of anniversary
    • 3 members for 25th year of anniversary
    • 4 members for 50th year of anniversary
    • 61 members for 50+th years of anniversary

     AIAA New England recognizes and congratulates promotions of the following members to an Honorary Fellow, two Fellows, and six Associate Fellows!


    • Wesley L. Harris, MIT (Honorary Fellows) - For contributions to the understanding of helicopter rotor noise, outstanding and sustained service to the aeronautical profession, and untiring personal encouragement of minorities in engineering.
    • James Kuchar, MIT LL (Fellow) - For innovation, education, and leadership combining machine learning and human-systems integration to develop, validate, and transition advanced aviation safety and decision support systems.
    • Grant Stokes, MIT LL (Fellow) - For his role as the system innovator, architect, and leader of the development team of advanced systems for space surveillance and situation awareness.


    • William Blackwell, MIT LL (Associate Fellow) - For his fundamental and high-impact contributions and leadership in satellite atmospheric remote sensing, including CubeSat mission design and implementation, sensor calibration, and data exploitation.
    • Elad Kivelevitch, MathWorks (Associate Fellow) - For significant and sustained contributions to aerospace intelligent systems in the form of autonomous systems on aerospace vehicles, technical tools, and visionary leadership.
    • Gregory Laskowski, Dassault Systems (Associate Fellow) - For leadership in the use of high fidelity computational fluid dynamics simulation and tools in turbomachinery and other industrial sectors
    • James R. McIntire (Associate Fellow), MIT LL - A significant contributor to technology development for Ballistic and hypersonic missile defense. Key expertise spans tracking and estimation, radar design, systems analysis and physics-based models.
    • Mark Silver (Associate Fellow), MIT LL - For substantial technical impacts in aerospace structures, including satellite structural interfaces, high-strain composites, precision alignment of large radar dishes, and deployable structures.
    • Robert White (Associate Fellow), Tufts University - For contributions to micro- and nano-technology for aerospace systems, especially in boundary-layer measurements, as well as educational excellence.

    Congratulations and on behalf of the council, thank you for your commitment and contributions!

    Hiro Endo
    AIAA-New England

  • 2.  RE: AIAA-NE Anniversaries and Promotions of Distinguished Members.

    Posted 29 Mar, 2022 08:01
    Thank you, Hiro. 
    I'm honored to be included with this esteemed group of professionals.