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  • 1.  Congratulating a quiet achiever amongst us!

    Posted 16 Jan, 2022 21:34

    Please join me in congratulating Christian North for his accomplishment and recognizing his inspiring stride towards achieving his dream as a NASA Engineer. He was recently recognized and highlighted in an article by Middlesex Community College (MCC) where he studies now: (

    Christian is one of our regular volunteers and a council member for AIAA New England for some years now. He has been an ardent advocate for STEM and a passionate supporter of hands-on design, build and fly projects.

    Christian is an action-oriented leader, who founded Model Aviation Club at Middlesex Community College to create the opportunity for himself and his fellow students to gain Aerospace Engineering experience. This initiative grew to become a collaboration with MIT Lincoln Labs, and became a course for Beaver Works Summer Institute on Design, Build, and Fly RC Model Aircraft for ninth and tenth-grade girls from under-resourced and low-income communities: (

    Christian originally came from Chile to the US as an international student on a working visa. He pursued his engineering study while he worked. To pay for his classes, he took advantage of tuition reimbursement from his company, participated in MCC's STEM Starter Academy, and supplemented the rest of his tuition with scholarships.

    Hiro Endo
    AIAA-New England

  • 2.  RE: Congratulating a quiet achiever amongst us!

    Posted 17 Jan, 2022 09:31
    Thank you Dr. Endo

    Christian North
    Arlington MA