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  • 1.  Martian Mentors

    Posted 25 Mar, 2021 09:23
    High school and college students are beginning an adventure called Martian Greenhouse. LINK

    Several schools have answered the call.  We would to find a few team mentors for these schools.  The mentor role is mostly advisory.  If you want to know more, please contact Gregg Cannady:

    The facilitating teachers at each school will coordinate communication, protect student data and personal information, and work with students to complete the project.

    Martian Greenhouse Mentors will meet weekly with a participating school that will be assigned to them. Our participating schools represent rural, urban, and even international students.  You may mentor  both synchronously via conference calls or asynchronously via emails or shared docs with the facilitating teacher.

    Together with the mentor, the students research to topic and create their own final project. In the short timeframe of this collaboration, success will be measured in subjective and objective ways.

    The work you do with the students leads to a deeper understanding of the topic, project management, 21st-century skills, and the chance to discover their passion for airspace.

    The mentor can advise their group in a number of ways including:

    • Guiding research to help them find the most appropriate resources
    • Leverage a network of professionals to inform the topic
    • Offer suggestions to make sure the topic is real and connected to future careers

    Gregg Cannady
    Collaboration and Concept Development
    STEM School Highlands Ranch
    Highlands Ranch CO