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ASCEND call for content (22 March 2023, the last day of submission)

  • 1.  ASCEND call for content (22 March 2023, the last day of submission)

    Posted 22 Mar, 2023 14:28


    Final Chance to Answer the Call

    Submissions Due 22 March, 2000 hrs ET

    The 2023 ASCEND call for content deadline is tomorrow! It's time to make those final tweaks and submit your technical paper abstract or session proposal. Join hundreds of space professionals, students, and enthusiasts sharing their off-world insights and expertise with leaders in the space industry, academia, government, and adjacent space markets.


    Whether you're defining the new space economy, developing transformative research and technologies for our off-world future, or ensuring cost-effective and integrated solutions for space systems, the 2023 ASCEND program invites proposals and technical abstracts focused on advances spanning the art and science of space technology, exploration, economics, and more.

    Submissions are due tomorrow, 22 March, 2000 hrs ET.


    Paper and Session Topics


    • Space Traffic Management/Coordination
    • Expanding and Evolving the Space Economy
    • Space Exploration and Infrastructure: Exploring, Living, and Working in Space
    • Space Security and Protection
    • Space and Sustainability
    • Education, Outreach, and Workforce