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(January 28) AIAA LA-LV Educators (K-12 STEAM) Meeting 1/28

  • 1.  (January 28) AIAA LA-LV Educators (K-12 STEAM) Meeting 1/28

    Posted 25 Jan, 2023 22:10
    RSVP and Information: https://conta.cc/3ir9hUc

    AIAA LA-LV 1/28 Section Educators (K-12 STEAM) Meeting (Hybrid)
    Saturday, January 28, 2022, 10:30 AM PST (GMT -0800)
    (10:00 AM PST Check-in starts for in-person attendees)
    an AIAA LA-LV Hybrid Event (In-Person + Online)
    AIAA LA-LV Educators Meeting

    (K-12 STEAM)

    Also it's Online on Teams

    (also in a physical location for a hybrid event)

    Physical Location

     (The location could be changed. Further notice will be sent out.)

    Da Vinci Schools
    2nd Floor Meeting Room
    201 N. Douglas Street
    El Segundo, CA 90245
    (South of 105 Hwy, East of Pacific Coast Hwy (1), West of 405 Hwy, North of E. El Segundo Blvd.)
    (Next to Millennium Space Systems, and across the street from L.A. AFB and Aerospace Corp.)
    (also online on Teams for a hybrid event)

    (If you are sick or don't feel well, please stay home and attend online.)


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    Disclaimer: The views of the speakers do not represent the views of AIAA or the AIAA Los Angeles-Las Vegas Section. This is not a course to train people how to start a business.


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    Educators (K-12 STEAM), please join us so we can network and get to know each other. We wish to learn more about your needs and listen to your voices.
    AIAA / LA-LV Section is a large leading aerospace professional organization in the area and we are dedicated to support educators through outreach efforts.
    We want to hear from you so we can address your and your students' needs as you work to inspire the next generation of scientists and engineers.

    We are an inclusive organization and encourage everyone to share their needs on issues facing their schools and students so we can collaborate on possible methods, solutions, and ideas to take back to your classroom.

    *Mr. Michel Aguilar, Science Journalist at the Dépêche du MidiFrench Air Force - Retired, and

    *ESTACA student-engineers (3rd year/5th year) from France

    1) The electric car and a Chilowsky device that allows to increase strongly the autonomy of the batteries,
    2) The ground effect plane whose application on the highways could occur before the years 2050,
    3) The plasma propulsion based on Thermoreactor which will allow to reduce very strongly the duration of the trip to Mars, and from a lunar base,
    4) The "lunar propulsion" which will allow to move in a transport conduit more than 60 km long thanks to the tides generated essentially by the Moon, and WITHOUT any impact on the environment,
    5) The take-off aid device which, thanks to a new mechanism and based on the work carried out by NASA on the ejector, to realize important gains in consumption.

    And some more areas we wanted to discuss with the team include, but is not limited to:

    STEAM Lessons / Classrooms
    Next Generation Science Standards
    AIAA Engage
    Discussion Groups
    Raspberry Pi
    3D Printing
    Quantum Computers
    Virtual Reality
    Mechanical Engineering....and much, much more!
    Others who care about K-12 STEAM Outreach and/or the AIAA LA-LV Section are also welcome.
    If you are interested in participations, exhibitions, sponsorship, donations, and other possibilities with AIAA / LA-LV Section, please contact us: contact@aiaa-lalv.org, For K-12 STEAM interests, please contact k-12_steam_outreach_chair@aiaa-lalv.org
    Tentative Agenda: (All Time PST (GMT -0800), US and Canada)
    10:00 am: Check-in (in-person), Quick-Setup
    10:30 am: Welcome, Introduction, Self-introduction
    10:40 am: AIAA Membership (Free for Educators and High School Students, but annual renewal required). Values and benefits for Engagement
    11:00 am: Demo (roughly 20 min each demo). Sharing, Needs / demands from Educators/Students
    12:00 pm: Inputs and Suggestions. Further demo
    01:00 pm: Adjourn
    02:00 pm: (Meeting Room Closes)

    Ms. Arpine Ovsepyan
    K-12 STEAM Outreach Chair
    AIAA LA-LV Section

    Mr. Dean Davis
    Vice Chair
    AIAA LA-LV Section

    Mr. Michel Aguilar
    Science Journalist at the Dépêche du Midi
    French Air Force - Retired, and

    ESTACA student-engineers (3rd year/5th year) from France

    Dr. Ken Lui
    Section Chair
    AIAA LA-LV Section

    (And possibly some others with in-person, online, or pre-recoreded messsages/video.)

    (If interested in sponsoring, exhibition, briefing, short talks, etc, please contact us at contact@aiaa-lalv.org. For K-12 STEAM interests, please contact k-12_steam_outreach_chair@aiaa-lalv.org. For Vice Chair: vice_chair@aiaa-lalv.org.)

    Bio++ Michel Aguilar (MA)

    After joining the French Air Force, MA presented himself as a free candidate for the IETA exam, and joined the "Corps des Ingénieurs des Études et Techniques d'Armement", Aeronautics branch. He has a total of 700 hours of flight experience (including 400 hours as a pilot in chief) as a 1st degree Technical Corps pilot (he has flown on various machines: single engine, sailplane, helicopter, twin engine (C310)). Held various positions at DGA/Paris: STTAe, Hélicoptères du Futur and CEV Brétigny. Then, on detached service at the Ministry of Industry: correspondent for the Quai d'Orsay for East-West technology transfers, representative on the COCOM (Coordinating Committee); participated, on the technical side, in the nuclear forces security group; supervised the INPI/Paris and ONERA (helicopter/DGA). After his return to the DGA at the Centre d'Essais des Landes de Biscarrosse, he retired. He teaches mathematics and physics in private lessons (3rd to Bac+1); scientific journalist at the Dépêche du Midi (Toulouse), and can finally focus on the development of concepts that "obsessed" him. He registered numerous patents, including one on theThermoreactor (a breakthrough propellant) granted by the USA, Japan and France.

    Vidéos & Adresses Youtube:    

    Xplorair VTOL + Simulator (3 minutes, US):  https://youtu.be/xfVRZCiKv5I

    New eCar Chilowsky (1 minute, US): https://youtu.be/1dRLOXC_L-8

    Mines ParisTech (3 minutes, FR): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lqh0RCIa3GY

    Takeoff Assistance (1 minute, US): https://youtu.be/9vMcdWb_tPQ

    Piston Combustion (ONERA, 30 sec): https://youtu.be/0gwT91NX35E

    « The Car in 30 years », M6 Turbo (8 minutes, FR):  https://we.tl/t-wNuOCqQ9GI   

    (last séquence)

    Thermoreactor Test (Poitiers, 1 minute, US): https://youtu.be/df-K1glkHdA

    Thermoreactor (Temperature CFD, 14 sec) : https://youtu.be/KZ1Sx23tHM4  

    Thermoreactor Explained (2 minutes, FR): https://youtu.be/2QlbqYN28yM

    Xplorair WIG (Wing In Ground effect, 17 sec): https://youtu.be/TYTTwYHWUOQ

    "Obus" Chilowsky Effect, 1917 (4 min, mute): https://youtu.be/lXbEiuJhldI

    Seminar Meudon 2022, Thermoreactor (3 min, US): https://youtu.be/mDDg-bk2QGU

    Conversion ThermoTurbine (9 sec): https://youtu.be/ecXFU0XSao0

    Thermoreactor Trinôme (6 sec, US): https://youtu.be/UtRkBsH16zw

    Propulsion Moon (1 min, US): https://youtu.be/CTAybo1JAXc

    Movie « Man and the Flying Car » (53 min, FR):  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OZ4NDrXi0AE


    Saturday, January 28, 2023 from 10:30 AM to 1:00 PM PST
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    Tentative Agenda: (All Time PST (GMT -0800))
    10:00 am: Check-in (in-person), Quick-Setup
    10:30 am: Welcome, Self-introduction
    10:40 am: presentation, Q&A. demo
    11:40 am: Discussions, Sharing, Needs / demands from Educators/Students, more presentations or demo.
    12:30 pm: Inputs, suggestions, demo
    01:00 pm: Adjourn.

    (Attendees are welcome to attend the Service Academy Day event in the same building, starting at 1 PM PST.)


    This is a hybrid event, with in-person and online attendance. 

    ***In-Person Location:
    Da Vinci Schools
    2nd Floor Meeting Room
    201 N. Douglas Street
    El Segundo, CA 90245

    (South of 105 Hwy, East of Pacific Coast Hwy (1), West of 405 Hwy, North of E. El Segundo Blvd.)
    (Next to Millennium Space Systems, and across the street from L.A. AFB and Aerospace Corp.)

    (also online on Teams for a hybrid event)

    Parking Information:

    (Free Saturday Parking in the Da Vinci Schools Parking Lot, following the signs.)

    **Online Attendance:

    Online connection information will be provided in the confirmation email after registration / RSVP.


    Ms. Arpine Ovsepyan
    K-12 STEAM Outreach Chair, AIAA LA-LV Section


    Mr. Dean Davis
    Vice Chair, AIAA LA-LV Section

    Ms. Sherry Stukes
    Membership Chair, AIAA LA-LV Section