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Posted By Balaji Kartikeyan 19 Feb, 2021 21:22
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Build a Better Lander - Virtual Camp About the Virtual Camp The Kansas Cosmosphere will host a virtual camp for 3 rd -8 th graders.  A parent may also attend. The camp will have a presentation about building a lander which will be followed by an activity in which the students may apply their ...
Posted By Balaji Kartikeyan 15 Feb, 2021 21:53
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Jon and building partner Alan will present some of the ideas, challenges, and successes they have had with the Snoshoo.  Their project has predictably snowballed as they transform an aircraft designed for International Formula One pylon racing into a unique sport flyer.    Special guest Justin Meaders ...
Posted By Balaji Kartikeyan 21 Sep, 2020 17:40
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