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Robert has been fully retired since December 2003.  He has a Bachelor of Aerospace Engineering degree from Auburn University, Auburn, Alabama.  He was born in Baltimore, MD, in 1943.  Robert was graduated from high school in 1960 and enlisted in the US Air Force.  He served as an air-launched weapon system guidance and control technician.  He worked with a variety of radar, IR, TV, command, and laser guided missiles and bombs, and attained the rank of Master Sergeant in 1971.  The Air Force sent him to Auburn in 1974, and he received his degree in 1977.  Robert was commissioned and served as an Aeronautical Engineer.  He worked in the Air Force Weapons Laboratory as a high energy laser weapon system analyst until 1981, in the Air Force Operational Test and Evaluation Center as an air-to-surface weapon system analyst until 1985, and in the USAF Tactical Air Warfare Center as an F-16 flight simulator test manager until his retirement on 31 July 1986.  Robert joined the Albuquerque office of Titan Corporation in October 1986 and was there until 1992.  In 1993 he was employed by Innovative Research Corporation.  In late 1994 he started doing computer consulting.  (R.A.M. Computer Consulting).  For most of 1997–2003 he was computer network administrator for Hoffmantown Church.

            He is a member of the Phi Kappa Phi scholastic honor society, the Tau Beta Pi engineering honor society, and the Sigma Gamma Tau aerospace engineering honor society.  He has been in AIAA since 1970 and is an Associate Fellow.  He has served as the Albuquerque section treasurer since August, 1991.

            Robert enjoys reading and working with his computers, and also enjoys leisure travel, photography, and sightseeing.  He is active in Hoffmantown Baptist Church, especially the choir ministry.  Much of these activities are shared with his wife Linda, an Albuquerque native.  They live in a permanent home in the SE heights of Albuquerque with Derry, their toy poodle, who thinks he owns the place.  When not at home, the three are usually travelling in their Winnebago motor home.


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  • Computer Systems
  • Directed Energy Systems Weapons
  • Missile Systems
  • Software Systems


  • Auburn University