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An essay is a simultaneous text in which the author discusses a topic from many perspectives. A good essay is written according to spelling rules and is structured as follows:
introductory part
paragraph treatment
end of paragraph
1. For an essay, you need knowledge, experience, and opinions. Choose a topic paperhelp offers you , what you have to say about. Topics:
I am over 40.
My dream of the future.
What are your dreams?
Dreaming of becoming a professional hockey player (can change sports)
By desire profession X (add your profession wishful thinking for reality)
Elementary school ends and life begins!
Conservation pays off.
Dressing up - protect or self-expression?
A man I admire.
As a desire professional, a celebrity
Are celebrities overrated?
Limitations of privacy and publicity
Social media and the pressures of appearance
Youth and the right to vote
Another life - how things are different
essee12. Develop a text using a mind map (see template). Think about it from several perspectives. Consider the structure of the text and the order in which things are presented.
3. Checking the text. Remember to divide the text into paragraphs:
A title is often easiest to create when the text is ready. Keep in mind that a good title says something relevant about the text itself.
INTRODUCTION Introductory.
This paragraph brings the text to the subject. Present your subject to the reader: tell them what things you are going to present and think about in this text. A good introduction, as recommended by grademiners contains about 3-5 sentences.
PARTS Period your text in paragraphs depending on the subject matter. In each paragraph, deal with one thing you present and ponder. Remember that one sentence is not enough to be a song. Use examples!
ABZA summarizes what you have typed. A suitable end piece is about 3-5 sentences in length.
4. When you have done, check the following:
Exchanging songs: You've divided your text into songs, haven't you?
Correct Language: Check commas, letters, compound words, and remove collocations. Clarity: Make sure your text is easy to understand.
Video. What is a good essay response and what questions are graded in an essay response?
Title (0-1 points)
Introduction (0-2 points)
Point of separation (0-2 points)
Language (0-2 points)
Amount of substance (0-2 points)
Quality (0-6 points)
Finish (0-2 points)