Mr Bryce Meyer

Senior Engineer,
Software Engineering Institute

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Software Engineering Institute


Long experience in aerospace, software, and cyber technologies. Was a USAF officer for almost 7 years active duty. After a brief side trip consulting at a major beer company, went to work for an internet backbone and technology company for around 8 years were I developed internet tech and engineered internet networks and software. Ran a consulting company with other consultants  to secure internet backbones and engineer out banking networks etc. Then went to work for the Software Engineering Institute. Also teach cybersecurity at Franciscan University, and run a bioreactor company. 
My passions include space settlement, especially space farms, and closing the mass flow loop while having good foods. Currently writing a text on the topic, and have lots of experiments in work. Write and illustrate children's STEM books. Also fish, and fly fish, when I get a chance, and study fish ecology and ichthyology. Oh, I do write Sci-Fi and Fantasy on occasion too. Live in the Midwestern USA, and as a result have real-world farm experience, and lots of time outdoors all over the US, into Mexico and Canada, a teeny bit into Europe and the Caribbean.


  • Government- U.S. Federal Government (includes FFRDC & National Labs)

Professional Interest

  • Life Sciences and Systems
  • Space Colonization
  • Space Commercialization


  • Missouri University of Science and Technology
  • University of Missouri - St. Louis
  • University of West Florida

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