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It is not an exaggeration to say that Korea is a “hotbed” of films that can stir up the emotions of the audience. How not, almost all of the best Korean drama titles (drakor) have successfully made you bored by their stories.

Starting from the interesting storyline, romantic love stories, to comedy were also present in the drakor.

It’s not wrong if you choose to watch Drakor to get rid of boredom or unwind after a full day of activities. Because Korean dramas have become one of the right entertainment.

Of the many K-Drama titles, of course there are some of the best. And you don’t necessarily like the best, either because the storyline may be less interesting or other things.

So, therefore, we will provide a list of recommendations for the most popular and best Korean dramas of all time.

With this recommendation, at least you will know the picture of the film’s story, because we are not only discussing popular Drakor titles, but will also provide a little review. If interested, there’s nothing wrong with taking the time to read this article until it’s finished.

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