Dr Kenneth Lui

R & D Engineer,
Ken's Consulting

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Ken's Consulting
Hawthorne, CA
PRIMARY: (949)426-8175

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A responsible and motivated professional with integrity, and passion for space, aerospace, improving human life, science, engineering, technology / business development,

EXPERIENCE: AIAA Member (since 2001) (Life-Time Senior Member)

*Events/Program Chair, American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics, Los Angeles-Las Vegas Section (AIAA LA-LV)
El Segundo, CA — 2017-Current (Council Member since 2015/2016)

*Member, AIAA Space Colonization Technical Committee,
American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics
Reston, VA — 2016-Current

*Enterprise Co-Chair, American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics, Los Angeles-Las Vegas Section (AIAA LA-LV)
El Segundo, CA — 2015-2017

*Reviewer, AIAA Scholarship 2020, and 2021

*Judge, AIAA Student Paper Conference, 2020, and 2021

*Reviewer, AIAA ASCEND, Space Settlement Manuscript, Space Colonization Technical Committee

*Judge, Science Fair, Bell Garden School District, 2019, 2020

*Judge, Science Fair, Palos Verdes Peninsula School District, 2.17, 2018, 2019, 2021

*Exhibition AIAA LA-LV: Satellite and Education Conference, 2015-2021

*Volunteer: AIAA GoFly Exhibition, NASA Ames Research Center, Mountain View, CA, February, 2020

*Assisted AIAA LA-LV Annual Report 2018, 2019, 2020, 2021

*Successful arranged the 2018 AIAA LA-LV Aerospace Art Contest

*Organized the first-ever AIAA LA-LV (Online) Talent Show with Dr. Daniel Raymer (AIAA Fellow)

*Organized the first-ever AIAA LA-LV (Online) Virtual Art Gallery 3D and reception with renowned Aerospace artists

*Organized the first-ever AIAA LA-LV Quantum Computing / Computer event

*Presented demo for Arduino/Raspberry Pi, and the AIAA Engage.

*Set up first-ever AIAA LA-LV Website blogs

*Set up first-ever AIAA LA-LV Podcasts

*Set up and maintain AIAA websites ( and AIAA Engage (

*Assisting and managing AIAA LA-LV Newsletter ( the Public Shared Files)

*Maintaining AIAA LA-LV Events/archives, and first-ever blogs: ( the Public Shared Files)

*Set up and maintain AIAA LA-LA Social Media and platforms on all major sources, Linkedin, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook,

*Set up and maintain AIAA LA-LV

*First-ever AIAA LA-LV online Gallery:

*Assisted CA Aerospace Day AIAA LA-LV visit, 2016

Organizing and arranging events/program for social, networking, and professional events for promoting aerospace

Organized the “Sci-Fi vs Sci-Tech” event (a Neil's Day event w/ Apollo XI/Vikings Anniversary) on July 14, 2018, which was recognized 3rd Place Best AIAA 2018-2019 event among largest professional sections
Organized the “Voyagers 40th Anniversary, November, 2019
Organized the Apollo XI and Vikings Anniversaries, 2017, 2018, 2019
Organized various inspiring events and community services like career counseling workshop, expo/exhibition, mini-conferences, social mixer/networking, awards dinner, and professional events like robotic space explorations, Mars InSight / explorations, space tourism, planetary defense and asteroid explorations, B-2, F-35, F-22/F-117/MiGs, carrier landing, Super Hornet, aviation development, aircraft design history, learning from nature / birds, electric & hybrid aircraft, small satellites/cubesats, space weather, space electronics, propulsion, living in space, space colonization, cybersecurity, computation, safety, defense, space manufacturing & materials, space economy, space laws, and space medicine etc., plus some field trips to Northrop Grumman etc., and outreaches to LMU, UCR, etc.
Organized Events with Bill Gerstenmaier, Prof. Sean Solomon, Aerospace Women's Career events, Aerospace African American Career event, (, ( Juneteenth, Quantum computer, special e-Happy hours, leadership, inspirational events.
*Established New Space, Planetary Defense and Space Exploration, University Student Branches, Sustainable Aviation / Electric and Hybrid Aircraft mini-Conferences, Space Nuclear Power and Propulsion, Space Architecture,  Space Manufacturing, 3D printing, Quantum Computing/Computer, Raspberry / Arduino, Quantum Gravity/Advanced Propulsion/Warp Drive programs/events,
Managed/oversaw events/program, promotion/ads, logistics, & budgets.

*Assisted STEAM K-12 outreaches, and Science Fair judges.
Managed online Webinar meetings logistics, Zoom, Teams, Meet etc.,
Facilitated or led social media, website setup, IT, design, development, newsletters, local recognition etc. Served as judges in Science Fairs.
Assisting and compiling monthly newsletters/articles, weekly notices, AIAA Member Spotlight (, event notices etc.

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Committee Affiliations
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  • Los Angeles Officers
  • Space Settlement Technical Committee

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  • Services- Consulting/ Govt Contracting


Carnegie Mellon University
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, United States
Ph.D., 2002
Applied Physics

Honors and Awards

AIAA Best Event - 3rd Place Among Largest Sections

Professional Interests
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  • Cyber-Security of Aerospace Systems
  • Space Colonization
  • Test & Evaluation

Other Professional Affiliations

2001 - Present

1997 - Present